April 2018

HEART is a fantastic resource to schools as the programme reaches young girls where they are at and understands the pressures and challenges they face to conform to society.

HEART challenges young people to think for themselves and be strong and confident about their true identities. HEART has had a profound impact on the young girls in my school from day 1. One of the most noticeable changes was their decision to stop wearing make up to school. This was a choice the girls made themselves as they learned that everything they do should be to make themselves happy and no one else. The girls school attendance improved and their education changed as they began to dream about their own futures and believe in themselves. HEART will stay with them forever and will be a constant reminder to them of who they are and what they deserve in life. 


- Hannah Knight

Assistant Head of Year, Reddish Vale High School



April 2018

HEART gave my daughters an opportunity to weigh up their own thoughts and opinions against societal expectations regarding issues such as body image and relationships. I watched my girls develop as the programme went along, becoming more self-assured and confident in voicing what their needs were and in getting those needs met. Girls need to know that it's okay for them to have a voice and use it. HEART helps them to find it."

- G

Parent Testimonial 



April 2018

Kelly delivered a series of HEART sessions to girls on both of our campuses and the feedback from our students was amazing. They found the course content to be thought-provoking and extremely relevant to their teenage lives. They were particularly impressed with Kelly’s knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy and most agreed that they would be applying much of what they had learned to their current and future relationships.

I found Kelly to be exceptionally well informed about her subject material; during the planning stages she was keen to ensure the course, materials and delivery were going to be tailored to the needs of our students. Both in the lead up to and delivery of the sessions she demonstrated great flexibility in terms of her availability and willingness to work around the constraints of the college timetable and calendar. I would want to highlight Kelly’s acute awareness of the potential impact of her course on the thoughts and feelings of the young people involved. She was very mindful of their safety, insistent upon confidentiality within the group but also very aware of her responsibilities regarding safeguarding. Kelly came back to college after the courses had been completed to provide an ‘after care’ service  for some of the students involved – a lovely touch and typical of her desire to ensure that the students gained the most they could from her programme."

- Michael Rivett

Head of Student Safeguarding and Wellbeing. The Cheadle and Marple College Network.